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Build to Budget


We start it, you finish it. 

Our clients are clever, they're creative, they're connected, and others have budgets that prevent Tiny living altogether - some are all of the above!


These are just some of the reasons you might choose a 'build to budget' Tiny House and finish the rest yourself.  

As such, we're proud to now offer our Tiny House plans and yours finished to 'build to budget' stage. This option can get you started on your Tiny journey from as little as $55,000. 

Most of our Tiny Houses are built with our client's unique tastes, however, this approach to building allows you to really make it your own - and go Tiny without breaking the bank. 

Raw Products 

We offer all our Tiny Houses as "Raw" products which means we build your home to a habitable stage. This includes construction of the trailer, frame, and the work of all the specialist trades like sparkies, chippies, and plumbers. All that's left are the aesthetic details. This means you will be required to - 

  • Patch, sand, and finish internal linings i.e. paint or oil.

  • Finish flooring i.e. sand and oil ply flooring, or lay hardwood floor.  

  • Source and tile splashbacks, including the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Source and install internal cabinetry doors and drawer fronts.

Raw and More Products

If you reckon you can handle more, we can do less and leave more to you. Just want a frame and trailer? No worries. Get in touch and let us know to what stage you want your home finished and we will provide you with a proposal.


Want to get started? 

To learn more or get started on our 'Build To Budget' option, let us know which plans you're after and what your budget is, and we can send through a proposal with 'build-to-budget' options within 24-hours! 

Raw Products

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