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Forest Creek Mini

House Specifications

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Sleeps 1 - 2

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13.75 sqm

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5.5 m

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In stock

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Single Storey


The Forest Creek Mini is rustic on the outside and snug and stylish on the inside.


It's the perfect self-contained guest house. 


The kitchen and living space is centrally located with the bathroom at one end. To maximise space, the Forest Creek Mini features a double bed frame that comes in three options -

- A hoist bed to maximise lounge space below;

- An inbuilt bed or;

- Second storey, accessible via ladder (window installed in loft). 


We've ensured you get that much needed connectivity to the outside by positioning a large double-glazed window by the lounge/bedroom. This maximises light and views from the seated, lying, and standing areas.

The Mini is straightforward, but well thought out.

The Forest Creek Mini includes -

  • Single level option with one double/queen bed frame atop a sunken lounge area.

  • Bathroom with large shower unit, inset vanity, and composting toilet. 

  • 2-stove gas cook top (optional).

  • Express joint ply or poplar plywood OSB internal cladding oiled finish.

  • 3 double-glazed aluminium windows positioned to maximise natural light and airflow.

  • Large double-glazed double entry door.

  • 16L Thermann instantaneous gas hot water system.

  • Off-grid ready.

This Tiny Home starts from $76,500 (including GST) for the raw, standard spec, non-hoist option. The Tiny House pictured is our high-spec finish and is $93,000 (including GST). Delivery is included within 100-kilometres from Castlemaine*. 

This home has a production time of 3-4 months.

Contact us for additional specifications and further information.


What's Included?

All our plans include the following

    We'll confirm your plans and ensure they're carpenter literate and we will create an agreement that clearly outlines all the details of the project, including what is included and excluded, expected milestones, dates, and the payment schedule. To initiate the project, the first payment will cover the trailer and frame, which will be the foundation of the project. Once you are satisfied with the plans and the agreement, we then proceed with the construction.
    Once your spot in the build queue comes up our team of skilled tiny house builders will begin building. Our team will communicate with you and keep you up to date with each step, so you can be apart of the build journey. You can come and take a walk through your framed Tiny Home, or alternately we'll send photographs or take you on a virtual tour.
    This is 80% of the final payment which finalises plumbing and electrical, flooring, tiling, cabinetry and all the finer details of your build. We require approximately 3 months to complete your Forest Creek Tiny Home. Two weeks prior to the completion of your Tiny Home we will confirm a delivery date ensuring the relevant VicRoads transfer papers are signed and ready to go.
Acacia Mini House by Forest Creek Tinies

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