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  • Kacey Sinclair

Domani's Tiny Home

This beautiful home was designed by Castlemaine local Domani using Forest Creek Tinies' Dianella plans.

Domani rejigged the plans to suit her, her little ones, and her chic, clean and cosy style. She also added her flavour to this delectable home with a rounded pink shower screen, pink, black and peach terrazzo, and custom made furniture courtesy of Forest Creek Tinies' Al Farley. This tiny home is a biggin' coming in at 10-metres by 3-metres. It features a lovely open living space, 2 mezzanines, one of which has a hinged door for privacy. Domani also included one of our modular decks along the length of the house at both ends.

Shout out to the love and labour of Al, Otto and Otis - thanks you lot!

We reckon this home is pretty special.

We hope you do too!

Images courtesy of Forest Creek Tinies apprentice and architectural photographer, Otto Van Pagee Anderson.

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